Statistics & Trend for Mobile Applications (Android vs iOS) – Part 1

The usage of the software and the development of the smartphone grows rapidly and evolving around us. Android and iOS are two popular operating systems in a smartphone that have overpowered the evolution of this technology.


Frequency of the New Mobile Applications

Based on appinventiv website:-

  • In July 2019, the total number of software in the Google Play Store was around 2, 714, 499.
    • Google Play Store will have: –

Source: appinventiv (Google Play Store statistics)


  • In July 2018, App Store has more than 2, 200, 000 software.
    • App Store will have: –

Source: appinventiv (Apple App Store statistics)


Statistics of the New Mobile Applications

Line chart 1 and Table 1 above shows that, both platforms only have a slight difference in terms of mobile applications number. The number of applications in Android and iOS increasing linearly throughout the year but not in 2017.

During 2017, Google Play Store removes approximately 1.1 million of its software. The real reason why this happens is still unknown but we believe that Google Play Store detected and remove a lot of applications in their store that have hidden malware, violate privacy policies, threatening mobile security and a lot more.

Source: Statista (Number of Applications in Google Play Store 2009 – 2019)

Source: Statista (Number of Applications in Apple App Store 2008 – 2019)

Source: Statista (Number of Applications in Apple App Store Jul 2008 – Jan 2017)

Bar graph 1 above shows that the App Store has 1 million apps more than the Google Play Store (2019) and this number is still increasing rapidly.



Xenber as one of the top mobile app development company, we need to sensitive to the market trend and familiar with the app store statistic.

As of 2020, we estimated currently there are about 7 million mobile apps in both the google play store and apple app store (this number have not included the third player Huawei App Gallery yet) , and the number is still increasing regardless just a few popular apps that normally user will be installed in their own phone.


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