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XEN Risk & Credit Engine 

A dynamic credit risk decisioning and approvals solution for
financial services and FinTechs in one system

Powerful Platform to Determine the Probability of Default of your Potential Borrower!

It’s a fact! In recent years, the loan management system has undergone massive transformation. Technology has played a significant role since constant advancements continue to raise customer expectations and alter their behaviour when it comes to their experiences across industries.

However, lenders must consider the possibility that they will not receive the principal and interest payments required to repay the borrower’s debt. Of course, lenders will incur a loss of part of the loan or the entire loan extended to the borrower. Therefore, with the XEN Risk & Credit Engine, we will assist your business in assessing and managing current and future credit risk exposures.

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What is XEN Risk & Credit Engine?

XEN Risk & Credit Engine is a powerful predictor of a borrower’s ability to pay a loan. We are dedicated to solving risk and credit management challenges in your business by offering an innovative platform with 4 main characteristics: dynamic, integrable, configurable and scalable.

Why Choose XEN Risk & Credit Engine?

The all-in-one platform of XEN Risk & Credit Engine will help you to manage risk throughout the credit value chain, addressing opportunities and challenges in origination and underwriting, loss mitigation and advanced analytics. With XEN Risk & Credit Engine, you can be confident and worry less about credit risk as it can handle complex risk calculations quickly and accurately.
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Solutions for your Business

Credit Engine

Manage your customer loans and repayments in one system and engage with them using an automated system to reduce administrative work and allow you to spend more time growing your business

Risk Engine

Assess your customer’s creditworthiness and make recommendations based on the findings

Capital Engine

Gain a better understanding of your cash flow condition to drive cash management into sources of revenue that will fuel investment and enhance profitability

Key Features

Take a look at how XEN Risk & Credit Engine can help you


The origination feature includes, in particular, loan document software, automation of loan application, real-time verifications and contract creation with e-signature.


Easy configuration allows you to make quick changes to fields, interfaces, business rules and many more. Minimize downtime and costs associated with custom tasks.

Flexible Analytics and Risk

Let's your business perform smarter and faster analyses using the most advanced analytics available to make better decisions.

Scalable Support

Reach more new customers by developing and upgrading your business according to market needs anytime and anywhere.

Workflow and Automation

Create automated workflows and scripts for your business. Streamline processes and do away with manual work.


Improve your collection rates quickly. Our collection features are fully integrated, allowing you to continuously improve your practices.

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With XEN Risk & Credit Engine,
You Benefit From :

More Expertise & Assistance

XEN Risk & Credit Engine is more than just platform; it is also a trusted advisor to
your business that aim to maximize and develop innovative growth strategies

Automated Process

Cutting the number of human decisions to decrease the cost due to the time saved

Accuracy in Predictions

Improve the quality of your decisions for structured financing through reliable forecasts
of future cash flows and the ability of your borrowers to repay debt

Enhance Customer Experience

Providing digital services in response to customer demand (real time decisions,
self-service credit application)


Discover how XEN Credit Engine Platform can help you modernize and automate your lending business.
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