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Industry 4.0 :

Transforming business to IR 4.0 Status

The government introduced the Industry4WRD Readiness Assessment Intervention Programme, often known as the “Industry4WRD Intervention Fund,” in Budget 2019. It is a financial assistance programme for Malaysian SMEs to adopt Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing and related services industries. All SMEs that have finished the government-funded Industry4WRD Readiness Assessment (RA) programme are eligible for this fund. MIDA has been designated by MITI as the Industry4WRD Intervention Fund’s Implementing Agency.

70:30 Grant Ratio

Up to a grant amount of Ringgit Malaysia Fifty Thousand (RM500,000.00) only, the money will be given out on a matching basis (70:30) based on approved expenditures. As long as the Intervention Fund Approval Committee at MITI approves, up to 30% of the matching amount (or 70% of the total grant) will be given upfront to the enterprises. The remaining grant will then be distributed on a reimbursable basis and will be decided at MIDA.


1. Business Registration Eligibility

2. Business Affiliation Eligibility

3. Business Services and Activities Eligibility

Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC): Readiness Assessment (RA)

  • 1.


  • 2.


  • 3.

    On-Site Assessment

  • 4.

    RA Report

RA Report Criteria : 3 Shift Factors


Emphasizes tactics for hiring the right kind of personnel while keeping an eye on the individuals and the overall organization. This can be accomplished through the creation of the necessary human capital and long-term transformation initiatives involving organizational strategies, teamwork, and governance.


Emphasizes smart and strategic public-private collaborations, security, sustainability, and product co-creation while concentrating on the management system involved in managing business operations, supply chains, and product lifecycles.


Measures the usage of intelligent, connected, and automated technologies at the shop floor, facilities, and enterprise levels of the firm.

Three interconnected layers of rings with three shift variables make up the readiness criterion model (the core ring).

The middle ring represents the division of each shift factor into thrusts, and the outer ring represents the division of each thrust into dimensions (the third and outermost ring).

The model illustrates the framework of interconnected shift factors, thrusts, and dimensions.

Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA): Process Flow

  • 1.

    Submit RA Report, Forms, Proposal, and Statement

  • 2.


  • 3.


  • 4.

    Receive Approved Grant

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