Security as a Service (SECaaS)

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Managing your business cybersecurity is hard. Having a technical personnel or contractors to to handle the technical needs of your business security is just not enough as neglection over the big picture of cybersecurity will damage your business in the long run.

If you have a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), handling the security aspect can be a burden and a bad trade off for handling the business aspect. Hiring another Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) may be the answer, but what happens when your CISO leaves your business? It does not matter who is in charge of your business’ security, the know-hows of your business cyber security goes with your person in charge when the person leaves your business.


Our Retained Advisors Security Services

Training Program

 Security Awareness and Education

Up to date information on security attack, corporate crisis, industry trends and preventive measures

Certification Service

Data & Security Management 

Cyber Safety Certification for

SMB and EC Providers

(Information sharing portal included!)

Data Protection Assessment


Control Self Assessment

Retained Advisory Services



Certification Support


ISMSas-aService (ISO compliance)

PCI DSS compliant certificates

Risk Consulting Services



Business Continuity


What to expect from us?

  • 1.


    Access to our experienced experts on information security, privacy and compliance for both strategic direction and tactile implementation in different environments and industries

  • 2.


    Service availability at your business needs

  • 3.

    Cost Savings

    Service subscription as a fraction of your security expert hiring salary

  • 4.


    Subscription commitment rather the employee dependent long-term continuous support

  • 5.


    Clear security decisions that are neutral and unbounded by business politics

Advice by Professionals

Access to our experienced subject matter experts in the field of security risk mitigation
• Advice on Risk, Governance, Incident Response, Disaster Recovery etc
• Advice to build effective cybersecurity & resiliency program

Security Training & Awareness

Awareness campaigns are delivered through different methods on an ongoing basis
Training will be delivered to management, employees and service providers through online or offline learning

Governance Documentation

Customizable templates, Clear and well written policies, standards and guidelines for your Data Protection, Privacy Policy, Incident Response and ISO readiness checklist

Security Assessment

A comprehensive risk and threat assessment and ensure the security of your organization.
We follow the following methodology:
• Fact gathering • Evaluation
• Reporting • Interview • Recommendation