Cost to Develop Mobile Application in Malaysia (2021)

But, the rough idea is there. For the usual case, you will need at least RM 20,000++ to build the most basic application. We will make it simple and share with you how to estimate a cost to develop your desired applications.

To develop mobile applications, a lot of variables that can impact the development cost & time. Below are the common variables involved in mobile applications developments.



This will determine which platform your applications will support. Either Android or iOS or perhaps both of the platforms?

Estimated Costs




Hosting will make sure your application is running on the infrastructure that will be provided by a big company such as Amazon, Microsoft and many more. This cost might change in the future based on the company policies where we hosted the apps. The price range is different based on storage, space & features that you use.

Estimated Costs



There are 2 famous ways to develop and apps. Using either Native development or Hybrid development. Both of them has an advantage and disadvantage, but, in term of cost Hybrid development is much cheaper than a Native development.

Estimated Costs

Based on the scenario where RM 32,000 is a total salary of 6 basic expertise that works on Android & iOS applications for 5 months period.

Basic expertise involved: Android & iOS developer (2x), UI/UX Designer (1x), Project Manager (1x), Business Analyst (1x), Quality Assurance Tester (1x)



The price will be a difference across the country. For 1 hour, you might get RM 700++ in the USA but only RM 50++ in Malaysia/Indonesia.

The World Maps below will show the distribution of application development all over the countries.


As a user, the important parts of the application are to know what does it do? and How does it work? That sums up what the application requirements are. The ambiguous requirement will change a lot from the analysis process to the development process.

Several requirements that usually exists in mobile applications are: –


How big are your applications might be? Who is the audience that will use the apps? Perhaps some teenagers that love entertainment or some old folks that hunger for a piece of news. What is the area of your target? Maybe in a small scope in your residence or it might be a wide range based on nations.

The bigger the scope, the more expensive it will be.

Estimated Costs


User Interface & Experience (UI/UX)

This will depend on how big is your applications. If you need a bigger scope of application, of course, you need to spend more on the design to make sure every user has the best experience while using your applications.

Estimated Costs


Users & Accounts

How do you want a user to register or log in? Via email/password or Facebook or maybe Google Account signup? Of course, the popular ways of register and login are those three, but you can always add more with putting a stack of a price for each function.

Example: Email/Password, Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Github

Estimated Costs



User Generated Account

What user can generate by using these apps? Maybe they can give a rating to a driver? Uploads their daily Sunday morning selfies? Using tags to describe their status?

Example: Activity Feed, Media Uploading, User Profiles, Tags, Ratings/Reviews, Media Manipulation, Searching

Estimated Costs


Mobile Specific Features

What are the specific features does your apps have? Tracks the health of the users or scan the QR code using the phone camera.

Example: Cloud Syncing, Device Sensor Data, QR Codes/Barcodes, Health Data

Estimated Costs


Dates & Locations

This functions important for any hailing service or booking platform. If you have a plan to make one, considers these price range into your budget accounts.

Example: Calendaring, Display Map Data/Geolocation, Display Custom Map Markers, Bookings

Estimated Scopes


Social Engagements

How do users interact with others about your apps? Maybe a share button or built-in forums?

Example: Messaging, Forums/Commenting, Social Sharing, Push to Facebook Open Graph, Push Notifications

Estimated Costs


Billing & eCommerce

What functions available if customers want to complete their booking or finish up their payments?

Example: Shopping Cart, In-App Purchasing, Payment Information Collection, Payment Processing

Estimated Costs


Admin, Feedback & Analytics

This allows users to give feedback directly to the backend. This feature is useful if you have an app that needs supervise and enhancing over time.

Example: Intercom, Usage Analytics, Crash Reporting. Multilingual Support

Estimated Costs


External APIs and Integrations

This feature will allow you to connect to an external set of Application Interface (API) and integrate with it.

Example: Connect to one or more third-party services, SMS Messaging, Phone Number Masking

Estimated Costs



Adding this will enhance your application’s security. It is a vital feature for an app that needs a tighter security

Example: Two Factor Authentication

Estimated Costs



The Cost to Develop Mobile Application that we present is not and would not be a fixed price to make mobile applications. In fact, the price could be changed due to many factors and reasons in the future. The price will evolve against time, trends and user demands.

As a bonus, you can use or to get a rough estimation of how much cost you should spend to make the apps based on your requirements. If you have any ideas to build and apps and a rough budget as we presented above, feel free to contact us and discuss it. We will give you the best solution and as cheaper as possible for the development costs based on your requirements.


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  • Naz says:

    Hi, would like to clarify the cost estimated for each of the criteria means its a cumulative cost?
    So lets say if I want for both android and ios plus with medium scope –
    So the cost would be RM 20,000++ plus RM15,000++ ?

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