People redeem rewards happily using customer membership program

XEN Rewards

A highly effective software for customer membership and rewards giving program.

Our customer membership solutions provide a variety of capabilities and structures that are tailored to your brand’s particular requirements. Using XEN Rewards , you can create an engaging experience for your customers by managing and distributing both monetary and experiential rewards. We will together identity the requirements for your brands and design a program to fit your unique goals with our XEN Rewards.

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What we offer ?

Our features are made to be flexible and customized to your brand

Personalized Rewards

We support a range of loyalty incentives and prizes. You may provide them with anything from coupons to items to third-party gift cards.


By using game components like badges, tiers, and levels, you can make your program engaging and encourage customers to join.

Tiers Management

You can use tiers to boost consumer engagement and give ever better, even exclusive perks to higher tier members.

Email & SMS Integration

The messaging feature allows brands to schedule and automate communications with program participants.

Referral Campaign

Customers can share personalized referral codes with peers and rewarded when someone joins using the code.

Digital Wallet

Points, discounts, and other benefits can be kept in the wallet. Additionally, it can save a customer's payment details , making it easier for them to check out quickly.

Real-time dynamic action tracking

Dynamically online tracking your customer behavior and immediately reward them for activities like completing online purchases, leaving reviews, and referring friends.

Customer Portal

This dashboard allows customers to manage their account. They can view their loyalty tier, track their points, and change their personal data.

Reporting and Analytics

With detailed reporting and analytics, you can learn more about your rewards program, how your customers are interacting with it, and what calls to action and incentives work best.

What you can get ?

Client Benefits

Increase loyalty

Increase loyalty

Customers who are members are more likely to recommend your brand to friends, family and colleagues. They will also be more likely to purchase from you in the future.

Increase sales

When customers become members, they are more likely to purchase products and services from you. You will also see an increase in repeat purchases from current members.

Increase sales.
Increase retention rates

Increase retention rates

You may use the knowledge you have about each customer to increase the brand’s value to them by make use of customers data from the program. Therefore, you can offer more meaningful rewards, for instance, by sending customised offers and recommendations.

Increase customer engagement

When customers are participants in a brand’s loyalty or rewards program, they are more receptive to receive emails or other marketing contents from that brand. The program itself helps in fostering a closer relationship between a brand and its customers.

Increase customer engagement

Tell us more how you want your Reward Program to be.

With us, you can create a customized rewards program that matches the personality of your brand and supports in the accomplishment of your marketing and commercial goals.