WhatsApp Payment (Facebook Pay)

WhatsApp has officially launched its payment gateway service on 15 June 2020. Currently, this service only available in Brazil’s country, but it will be expended soon to other countries. Brazil has 120 million active users and it is a second-largest market behind India which has 400 million users. WhatsApp payment works closely with the Cielo company which is one of Brazil’s largest credit & debit card operators.

If you are someone who highly dependent on the online payment but does not want to install additional applications in order to do that, then this is a piece of good news for you. It will lessen the burden to switch between apps while doing the online transfer. Users can now enjoy an encrypted mobile messaging service as well as to send money. This payment gateway also integrated with a six-digit pin and a fingerprint authentication process.

This payment gateway system also works across Facebook’s platforms. WhatsApp payment is free to use for other people to send money. For a merchant, there will be a 3.99% processing fee charged to accept the payment through the WhatsApp.

For 2 years, WhatsApp has tested its payment gateway (integrated from a Facebook Pay). The test involving millions of users and started widely in India, Mexico, and a small group of Brazil users.


WhatsApp pay interface

Figure 1: WhatsApp interface integrated with Facebook pay


To enable the WhatsApp payment functions, first of all, you need to add a payment method. It can be done by simply: –

  1. Click a three-dot icon on the right side screen (menu button).
  2. (If you were able to use it) You will find a “Payment” before the “Settings” buttons.
  3. After clicking it, you will see “Payment History”, “Payment Methods”, and “Help” option.
  4. Just click “Payment methods”, then you will need to verify your phone number.
  5. After that, it will show you the list of available banks.
  6. Just pick a bank account that associates with your phone number.

To request or send money, it can be done by simply: –

  1. Open the contact that you want to send/request the money.
  2. Click the attachment button.
  3. A payment option will be available between other options.
  4. Just click the payment option and it will ask you to enter the amount.
  5. After you have done, just click next and it will ask for your UPI PIN.
  6. Enter your UPI PIN and then you’re done.

*do take note that this option only available for a country that was allowed to use WhatsApp pay services.

Youtube: How to set up payments on WhatsApp (Brazil)

Website: How to Send and Receive Money Using WhatsApp



The payment gateway is actually a long-term plan for WhatsApp to initiate its e-commerce platform. Facebook has tested its payment gateway for the past two years and now it is ready. Whatsapp business also has more than five million merchants that operate using that platform. This indicates the growth of businesses in the WhatsApp platform.



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