How do you do App Submission? to Apple App Store and Google Play Store

There are currently, many platforms for mobile developers to upload and release their applications to the public. But most users still rely on the built-in iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Thus, knowing how to create a developer account and publish your application on these platforms is essential to get exposure.

Google Play Store

As an application is created targeted towards the android audience, the Google Play Store is the best way to get exposure as it is the biggest platform where most people download their everyday apps. In order to publish an application onto the Google Play Store, there are some steps and procedure to be done.

Cost: One-time payment of $25

Google Play Store creation

Step 1: Create Google Play Console Account (Requires a Gmail account)

  • Sign up for a Google Developer Account on Google Play Console
    1. Secondary Contact Email Address (For Google Only)
    2. Contact Phone Number (For Google Only)
    3. Public Developer Name (Displayed Google Play Store)
  • Read and Agree to the Google Play Console Terms of Condition
  • Click create account and pay (one-time payment of $25)
  • Check email for account activation (can take up to a week

Step 2: Review and Publish your app to Google Play Store

Before releasing the application onto any platform, ensure it has been thoroughly tested to avoid any unwanted problems.

  1. Go to Google Play Console, Under the All Application Tab Click “Create Application and EnterDetails
  2. Enter information
    1. Language
    2. Title (Displayed in Google Play)
    3. Short Description (Displayed in Google Play)
    4. Full Description (Displayed in Google Play)
    5. Graphic Assets
      1. App Icon
      2. Screenshot of the application (Displayed in Google Play Store to give a feel of the application)
      3. Featured graphics (Images that will be displayed in Google Play Store)
    6. Categorization
      1. Application Type (e.g. Games, Application)
      2. Category (e.g. Communication, Business)
      3. Add Tags
    7. Contact Details
      1. Website
      2. Email (Will be publicly displayed)
      3. Phone Number (Will be publicly displayed)
  3. Go to the App Release Tab
    • Under Production Track, Click Manage, then Click Create Release
      • Google Manage and Protect Signing Key (Optional)
      • Upload APK file
      • Enter a description of the new release (e.g. Patch Notes)
  4. Go to Content Rating tab and fill up the application and Apply Rating
  5. Go to Pricing & distribution
    1. Select Free or Paid
    2. Select countries to be available
    3. Fill up other related information
    4. Read and Agree on Content Guidelines and US Export Laws
  6. Go to App Content
    1. Enter Privacy Policy URL (Provide transparency and how user data and sensitive data are treated)
    2. Ads (Does the application have ads)
    3. Target Audience and Content (Fill-up based on application)
  7. Go back to App Release
    1. Under Production Track, Click Edit Release
    2. Scroll to the bottom and click on Review
    3. Click on Start Rollout to Production at the bottom of the screen
    4. The app will be sent to review

*Could take up to 3-7days for the application to be Approved or Rejected*

IOS App Store

Just like android, iOS App Store is where most of the iOS users get their apps that are used in their daily life. Thus, publishing an application onto the App Store can give the application more exposure and accessibility.

Costs: $99 renewed yearly

Apple App Store creation

Step 1: Create Apple Developer Account

  1. Register Apple ID (Apple ID with two-factor authentication)
  2. Request D.U.N.S Number
    1. The unique nine-digit number assigned by Dun & Bradstreet
      • Contact Dun & Bradstreet by Email
    2. Verify the organization’s identity and legal entity status
    3. D.U.N.S Number application will require the following details:
      1. The Legal Entity Name
      2. Headquarters Address
      3. Official Email Address
      4. A Contact Person
    4. No fees required and might take 2-5 days
  3. Enrol into the Apple Developer Program
    1. Annual Fee of $99
    2. Wait 2 days to apply after receiving DUNS Number as Apple might take 2 days to receive your information from D&B.
  4. Legal Entity Status
  5. Legal Binding Authority (Person applying for developer account must have authority to engage in legal contract with company)
  6. A Website URL (Public Website)

NOTE: Non-Profit Organization, Accredited Educational Organization, Government Organization do not need a public website

Step 2: Review and Publish your app on Apple App Store

Test the application thoroughly before publishing the application onto any platform to prevent any unwanted issues. On top of that, Follow the Apple Store Review Guidelines to avoid rejection.

  1. Click on My App
  2. add New App and Fill-up Information (Plus Symbol on the top left) 
    1. Select the Platform (iOS or tvOS)
    2. Name
    3. Primary Language
    4. Bundle ID
    5. SKU
    6. User Access
  3. Go to App Information under the App Store tab
    1. Localizable Information
      1. Name
      2. Privacy Policy URL (Provide transparency on how user data and sensitive data are treated)
      3. Subtitle (Optional)
    2. General Information
      1. Bundle ID
      2. Primary Category (e.g. Games, Education)
      3. Secondary Category (Optional)
  4. Go to Purchase and Availability under the App Store tab and fill-up settingsApp pricing options
    1. Choose Pricing of Application
    2. Pre-Orders
    3. Availability
    4. Distribution for Business and Education
  5. Features tab (Only if needed for Application)
    1. In-App Purchases
    2. App Store Promotion
  6. TestFlight tab
    1. Can do testing using TestFlight
    2. Send URL to tester or friends/family to download and test
  7. Activity tab
    1. Upload .ipo file using Xcode or Application Loader
  8. Go back to App Store tab and under iOS App tab Select the Application Uploaded and fill-up the information
    1. Version Information
      1. Upload App Previews or Screenshots to represent the application
      2. Keywords
      3. Support URL (URL that is related to the app. e.g. Facebook)
      4. Description (Description of Application)
    2. Build
      1. Select uploaded build or upload build from Xcode or Application Loader
    3. General Application
      1. App Store Icon
      2. Version
      3. Copyright
      4. Trade Representative Contact Information
    4. App Review Information
      1. Sign-in information (Used to sign-in to the application and review)
      2. Contact Information
      3. Notes (Special Instructions if required)
    5. App Release OptionsApp Release Options
      1. Manually – Go into App Store and Release
      2. Automatically release after review
      3. Automatically release on a specific date

*The review process which could take up to 2 days to a week*

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